The Original Squeeze with Eeeze (free flowing) 6 oz.

Item No: 5500416  | 856055004162  | Pattern: Blue/Reef Color

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The Original Squeeze with Eeeze® has a free-flowing nipple spout, unlike the Original Squeeze® with a spill-proof spout. This is the largest of the three child sizes, making this ideal for older toddlers, around 2 or 3 years+. If your child is already accustomed to store-bought food pouches or has graduated from bottles to sippy cups and straws, this will be a suitable spout for them. Fill your free-flowing squeeze with smoothies, warm soups and wholesome purees for an incredibly nourishing snack or meal, any time, any place. No time? Store-bought applesauce or yogurt will be a favorite go-to. And guess what? The pouches are freezer-safe. Prepare your Squeeze the night before, freeze overnight and voila - a ready-to-go snack that doubles as an ice pack in your kid's lunchbox!